Thursday, January 28, 2010

Electr(on)ic avenue

You know what I like? Electronic music that I can dance to without feeling like I should've taken a club drug before listening to it. Of course, the staples are The Faint, Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem, but why not something new? Something fresh and sexy?

I give to you
Alex Metric - no relation to the band Metric, I assure you - an electronic remixer/solo artist with some sick beats that will make you want to bust out the glow necklaces and bodypaint.

His song "
Head Straight" was recently featured on the new ABC show "The Deep End." Speaking of the show, let me take a moment to sing my praises. It's cute, everyone is super hot, Billy Zane stars in it, and the writing is undoubtedly outshining Shonda Rimes's writing over at "Grey's Anatomy." If you decide to go looking for some of Alex's stuff, you'll be hard-pressed to find many original songs. What you will find, however, are remixes of songs by artists like Phoenix, Ladyhawke, Beastie Boys and Bloc Party. And you know what? They're delicious.

So, if you're throwing a party and you're just not digging the idea of playing "
Birthday Sex" or "Good Girls Go Bad," slap these on (as if they're vinyl or something. Ha!) and your friends will think you're a party music god/goddess. You're welcome.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Music on TV: The 2000s

  1. Has to be a pre-existing song used in an episode of a scripted drama or comedy.
  2. No theme songs/title sequences.
  3. God Bless Flight of the Conchords, but they don't count.
  4. Characters singing the song is OK.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I don't like sororities but...

I know I rarely branch out from discussing shows on ABC, The CW, NBC and Fox, but hold on tight because I'm about to go somewhere you might not expect (unless you know me and my infatuation with television). "Greek" is on ABC Family and is honestly a good show. Yeah, it's about frats and sororities (which you would never catch me at, no matter what) but the writing is smart, the characters are relatable, and... everyone on the show is attractive. Even Clark Duke who I may or may not have a geek crush on.

But let's get down to it. Monday marked the anticipated return of the college-based show and return it did, with clever one-liners and CineMUSic worthy tunes.
In the opening scene, my ears perked up as I recognized the sweet sound of The Submarines. The L.A. duo, which is made up of John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard (yes, those are their real names. Bitchin', right?), sing sweet little songs that make you wish they were providing the soundtrack for your life. If they were, you would be starring in a not-too-indie-but-still-quirky flick full of stolen glances, chaste kisses, and endearing speeches.

The Wake Up Song," which also appeared in the show Gossip Girl, is a nice representation of the band's tendency to mix classic instruments and digital audio effects (note, the auto-tune). You may find yourself listening to this track thinking "These voices sound kind of familiar..." and you know what? They should!

Exhibit one
: The iPhone 3G commercial that everyone in America saw every moment of every day. "You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie" is the song used for said commercial, and it's actually an infectious little track. Another one of their songs "Submarine Symphonika" was used in other iPhone commercials as well.
Exhibit two
: The characters of Nip/Tuck lip-synced the song "Brighter Discontent" in the season four finale. I can't vouch for why the hell they did this as I was told the show has really gone down hill and thus, am afraid to get involved.
Exhibit three
: An instrumental version of their song "Modern Inventions" (my favorite Submarines song, FYI) was used during the credits of the HBO documentary 'A Pixar Story.'

And there you have it. A rundown of pretty much all you could ever need or want to know about The Submarines. You're officially prepared to experience their music.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The CineMUSic tumblr.

This is just a quick, informative blog regarding the grand opening of the CineMUSic tumblr. Being a full-time student, it's a bit difficult for me to stay up-to-date with every television show in real time, to research the music and blog about them daily.

And so, for those of you who desire music recommendations daily, I've created a tumblr devoted to simple, quick posts full of music and television/movie scenes.
At the CineMUSic tumblr, you'll find recommendations from past and current media, so don't be surprised if you find stuff from The O.C. or 80s movies. Also, let me just add: tumblr >>>>>>>>>>>> twitter. So, get on the tumblr train and follow, follow, follow!

Friday, January 15, 2010

If you want epic and beautiful music...

As you may have noticed, with the return of primetime television also comes the return of CineMUSic. And last night, "Grey's Anatomy" returned for the second half of its sixth season. And let me just say, without the music during the last few minutes of the show, I would have been let down - okay, more let down.

If you haven't heard of Florence and the Machine, get out from under that rock that is your home, get on this thing called 'the Internet' and start listening. Florence and the Machine is the London based singer/songwriter Florence Welch. As of late, she has been compared to Bat For Lashes (who was featured on Dollhouse in November and I swiftly had a joyous meltdown) and Kate Bush (who is a goddess).

Last night her song "
Cosmic Love" was used to make a not-so-intense scene seem... well, epic! Thanks to pounding drums, ethereal strings, and Florence's strong voice, it totally worked. People are hunting her music down after last night's episode and a serious spike in the use of her music is inevitable. Her song "Kiss With A Fist" has been used in quite a few shows (and is actually quite unlike the rest of her songs), but "Cosmic Love" is a gem that will send people into frenzies with how lovely it is.

If you're one of those people who takes pride in having heard of an artist sooner than other people, start listening now. It won't be long before you start hearing her music in a
Cadillac commercial every second of your life.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The New Pornographers. Need I say more?

The New Pornographers is one of those bands that people think they're familiar with. All of the trendy, hip kids have heard their name so much, they're under the impression that they know something about this band. But the fact is, they wouldn't know The New Pornogrphers from New Kids on the Block.

Okay, maybe that's a little bit of a stretch.

But The New Pornographers - one of my favorite bands of all time ever - got some prominent play time on Wednesday's episode of
"Ugly Betty". "Adventures in Solitude" played for a solid chunk of the last 10 minutes of the show. If you're not familiar with the Canadian-based band - familiarize. Now. Led by one of the most adorable and talented red heads on Earth, A.C. Newman (his solo stuff also kicks ass), the band was formed in 1997. It also boasts having eight musicians, which includes the indelible Neko Case.

Side note: I think Neko Case is the
greatest woman ever. If I could be anyone, I would be her.

So, getting away from my tiny obsession with Neko and back to the genius that is The New Pornographers, let's talk about how great they are and what they're like.
1. Really great. 2. Some people say 'power pop.' Some people might just call it 'indie.' But what they really are is a blend of a variety of instruments, some of the most unique and beautiful voices and clever, smart lyrics.

Let's recap: Despite having heard the name 'The New Pornographers' so often, a lot of people haven't taken the time to listen and get to know them. But after me drooling over how wonderful they are, maybe everyone will take a moment to check them out. I don't think you'll regret it.