Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My embarrassment gives way to your delight

Let me be blunt: I watch a lot of TV*. And when I say "a lot," I don't mean one show a night. I mean up to five shows a night (that would be Monday - the busiest television night ever). In all honesty, some of it is what a lot of people would refer to as "bad TV," and I don't even care. I watch "Make It or Break It" on ABC Family. I'll give you a moment to judge. Are we good? Can you still stand the sight of this blog? Wonderful!

Now, on to the good stuff, A.K.A the music. On last night's episode, "
White Daisy Passing" by Rocky Votolato was featured not once but twice in the episode. Better yet, the song was also featured four years ago on a little show that I like to call "The O.C." Who is this Rocky Votolato I speak of? He's a singer/song-writer from Texas and is currently signed to Barsuk Records, so you know he must be good. Even if you don't take my word for it, Barsuk should say it all. I offer Rocky as the healthier and superior alternative to the "totally chill" sounds of bro-rockers such as Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.

Please do you
rself a favor, put down your copy of Crash and pick up Makers by Rocky. It's a choice you won't soon regret. He's got nimble fingers which pluck the nicest melodies, a smooth and sincere voice and the ability to make the cheesiest of cheesy lyrics sound... not so cheesy. Rocky Votolato is who you want to dedicate a song to you. The guy who's songs you'll learn in order to woo that special someone. Perfectly mellow and honest, it's hard to deny how good he is, so don't even try.

*This is literally a two second section of my favorite scene in 'Some Kind of Wonderful.' I just couldn't help myself and I identify with Watts so much.

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