Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lurking around and being awesome

There is currently an under-the-radar band whose music has quietly been floating around television, and they have major potential to be popular. Like... super popular. I'm talking Sex-on-Fire-please-not-this-song-again popular.

Great Northern is a band from L.A. and is comprised of Solon Bixler, Rachel Stolte, Michael Regilio, Marissa Micik and Dusty Rocherolle. I'll say it right now: Solon Bixler is the former guitarist of 30 Seconds to Mars. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth (aside from the whole Jared Leto part because... look at him) but don't be too quick to judge. The band has an uncanny ability to turn out catchy rock songs and I always give major thumbs up to ladies who kick ass.

It's tough to describe Great Northern. Maybe like the Followill brothers (and one cousin, but whatever) had a younger, rebellious sister who also wanted to make music? Or like someone told Hayley Williams to stop whining and playing the same song over and over again?

This is a band that makes me believe in what some might call "chick rock." It's not Lillith Fair and it's not a 17-year-old singing about how she's simultaneously one of the guys but the only girl you should love.

And since this blog is about television/film, not just music, I'll let you know that they've been heard all over the place. They've had songs featured on almost every CW show, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, The Hills, Nissan commercials and in the movie 21. But the music supervisors have been hiding the goods because the band hasn't been too prominent. At least not yet...

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