Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ladies rockin' hard

I'm a little bit hooked on The CW's "The Secret Circle." I know, I know--how could I watch such questionable programming? But I do and I read the book series a while ago so really, I have a reason to be watching. Plus, Gale Harold is in it, and that's all the reason that I need.

Anyway, on to the (actually) good stuff: the music! I have been incredibly pleased with the music selections thus far. And in today's CineMUSic, we're going to talk about ladies kicking ass and making sick jams (that shouldn't come as a surprise.)

We were blessed with not one but two songs from The Naked and Famous. They're a bit hipper than my usual style, but I like them nonetheless. TNAF are a five-piece band from New Zealand (is it offensive to call them Kiwi's? I don't really know.) And as unfortunate as it is, they're compared to Passion Pit whom I loathe. Regardless, they're a nice little indie-electro-pop band. The songs "Young Blood" and "Girls Like You" were both featured.

"Girls Like You" The Naked and Famous

Then, as I've raved about before, The Kills came on and I nearly passed out because their new album is sick. Their track "DNA" is completely gritty and delicious. I can't recommend the two-piece band's fourth album Blood Pressures. The actual scene in the show is the "bad girl" of the show just strutting around wearing a leather jacket and that's exactly how the song makes me feel - even if I'm wearing flip flops and a cutesy dress.

"DNA" The Kills

Last but not least is "Dressed in Dresden" by The Hundred in the Hands. Yes, it's another electro-pop band (sorry, I'm like an old dog...you know, you can't teach them new tricks?) And it's a duo, much like The Kills. They' re probably the least known of these three bands, so you still have time to get hooked on them before they're way too cool and touring with Crystal Castles or some equally hip band.

"Dressed in Dresden" The Hundred in the Hands

And seriously, "The Secret Circle" doesn't suck too bad. It's a typical supernatural CW drama and I like pretending that that's what my high school experience was-- you know, brooding boys thinking that I'm their destiny? Set to awesome music? Having an insane wardrobe where I never wear the same outfit more than once? Yeah, I'll take that.

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