Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little (white) lies.

Finally, there's a plot on Gossip Girl that is actually compelling, makes sense, and is keeping people's interest. Dan (played by the beautiful Penn Badgley) has written all about his upper-east-side "pals," and it's causing a skosh of trouble. But more importantly, viewers are getting a good amount of Dan/Blair scenes and it's awesome, because let's be honest, they're soulmates. Even Penn thinks so!

Last night's episode featured some fantastic music - for instance, Chase & Status featuring White Lies "Embrace." I knew it was the guys from White Lies immediately; as, Harry McVeigh's voice is easily distinguishable. But when I rushed to check out Spotify, I found that the song did not exist in their discography. A quick Google of the lyrics led me to discover Chase & Status, an electronic production duo.

Chase & Status have collaborated with the likes of Cee-Lo Green, Dizzie Rascal, and Rihanna. Wowza! In addition to last night's episode of Gossip Girl, they've also been featured on Nikita. That really makes it seem like I only watch The CW, but I promise I watch other stuff--it's just that a huge number of shows are scored, whereas CW shows rely heavily on "popular music," a lot of it being excellent.

White Lies has gained a lot of popularity, being featured in a lot of different shows and on the 2009 NME Awards Tour. They've been compared to Joy Division, Editors and Interpol. I would venture to say those comparisons aren't too far off.

Both artists are excellent choices if you like a little electronica in your rock and vice versa.

"Embrace" Chase & Status feat. White Lies

"To Lose My Life" White Lies

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