Monday, November 7, 2011

Get it while it's hot because it's about to EXPLODE.

I'm loving being back here at CineMUSic - it's making me hyper-aware of all of the bands I've been missing out on because I've been too busy listening to Letters to Cleo and Eminem, who might not be deemed 'new' or 'hip'. I'm geeking out hard every time I finish watching a show because I've suddenly happened upon my New Favorite Band (or something like that.)

I'm still digging on The Coasts and I hope you are, too. But, I bring to you a new artist who--and listen, I pretty much guarantee it--is going to be famous in three, two, She's good, she's interesting, she's that perfect blend of unique and indie but still accessible to those who might be inclined to a mainstream sound. Ladies and gentleman, I give to you...

Lana Del Rey! Born Elizabeth Grant, here stage name is a hybrid of Hollywood actresses Lana Turner and Ford del Rey. As soon as I heard her song "Video Games" on Gossip Girl (God, I can't get away from the CW. I promise, next post I will NOT write about a CW show. Cross my heart) my brain was full of "Oh, this is like Florence + the Machine meets Kate Bush meets a lullabye." She's gaining momentum fast, going from virtually unknown--with a full-length album shelved--to being signed to Polydor Records (home to Ellie Goulding, Feist, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.) Not too shabby, eh?

"Video Games" and "Blue Jeans" are her first two singles and they both reached the top five of the US iTunes Albums Chart within hours of their release. Suffice it to say, some people are digging her. And understandably so. I hate to use the words "haunting" and "lovely" but that's exactly what her music is. If this sounds remotely interesting, you should definitely check it out. Dude, Pitchfork named "Video Games" the "Best New Track." You know it's worth a listen.

"Video Games" Lana del Rey

"Blue Jeans" Lana del Rey (undeniably a little Kate Bush-esque, amiright?)

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