Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's NOT Twilight!

Confession: I'm a television addict. Right now, I'm completely caught up/finished with every show I've been watching. That leaves me with only one option - to start watching shows that I initially waved off, only now I am experiencing new television withdrawal syndromes so I need a quick fix.

The latest quick fix? "The Vampire Diaries." Yes, I have given in to my inner 13-year-old girl and decided to watch a show about smoldering-eye'd young (old, actually) men who just want to do right by a girl in high school. Hey, I've got to balance out the really great shows with some awful ones, right?

VD (as I like to call it because it has the same initials as venereal disease!) is on its 17th episode, so I'm not about to list the dozens of songs that have appeared, but I will pick my top three bands that might strike the general population's fancy.

1. White Lies - I gushed to my friend "They're like a mix of Interpol, Phoenix and feeling invincible." Poetic, yes? Well, they are. They're a three-piece band from London and they make sexy and trendy music. Please check out "Death" and "To Lose My Life."

2. Union of Knives - This band is a little bit electronic and a little bit rock. Another three-piece, they're a little bit dark and could definitely end up being one of those bands in your library that people say "Who?" but then listen and say "This is great!" Track it down, enjoy it and let it become something special. I think I'll recommend "Opposite Direction" and "Lick Black Gold."

3. The Dodos - They're opening for The New Pornographers this summer! And their music is catchy as hell. It has something for everyone. If you like pop stuff, you'll like it. If you like folksy stuff, you'll like it. The Dodos is just one of those bands that works. Check out "Fools" and "Fables."

There you have it. Three recommendations to keep you busy for a while. Take your time and savor the sounds.

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