Friday, April 16, 2010

Television stars making music. Hm...

Taylor Momsen (perhaps better known as Jenny Humphrey on "Gossip Girl") has formed her own band called The Pretty Reckless, and they're not as terrible as one might assume. Lucky for us, she's taken some cues from the likes of Courtney Love (though, she isn't a wreck... yet), Karen O and a few other lady rockers.

For being 16, she's actually kind of a kick-ass girl. Speaking of kicking ass,
that's the reason this entry has been written. The Pretty Reckless' first single "Make Me Wanna Die" is featured on the Kick-Ass soundtrack!

It's nice to see a deviation from the "music" of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Even if she's veering toward rebelling for the sake of rebelling, I'm giving her props for not falling into the Top 40-esque, Disney kid stuff. However, I foresee a spike in the number of "punk" 14-year-old girls quoting Momsen's lyrics. Some of her lyrics include "I luh-luh-luh like you. I lah-lah-lah love you. I used to huh-huh-huh hate you. But now I really fucking LOVE you!" Melodramatic and angsty? Maybe so...

If you're feeling risky, check out some of the demos that are floating around the Internetz: "He Loves You," "Blender" and "Zombie" are the only real demos so far.

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